20th Anniversary of Fetishes Boutique

We’ve come a long way since our humble beginnings as a home business in 1996 and have evolved , morphed and created several brands since that time.

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Celebrate with us for a day or two or for the whole weekend!

Since February 2016 marks our 20th anniversary in business we are partnering with other local regional and local events including our favorite annual Diabolique Charity Fetish Masquerade Ball  which will take place in the midst of all the magic on February 5 at Voyeur Nightclub.

For  our Anniversary Celebration, we are having a special reception for staff and alumni followed by a fashion show, charity raffle and reception for customers and friends on Saturday Afternoon around the corner from our current retail location at 317 South Street. Tickets for our Anniversary Reception will cover the cost of the venue and food, and any remaining profit will benefit the charities of this year’s Diabolique Ball. We are also hosting Sunday’s Cafe Kink Brunch where we will celebrate a reunion of our famous interactive dinner theater party from back in the day! Cafe Kink tickets will also help cover the anniversary costs and any surplus will be donated to the Diabolique Foundation to be included with the Ball’s charity contribution.

Since many of our family, friends and former colleagues have wondered around the world over the years, we have found a great host hotel with great rates for out-of-town guests and have created a weekend all-inclusive ticket for five days of fabulous, glamouriffic parties in Philadelphia!



Fetishes Boutique

In 1995 Kali Morgan had a great idea to start a business, and in 1996 she began selling corsets and latex clothes to friends by appointment in her home and created FetishesBoutique.com. In 1997 she shot and printed the first Fetishes Boutique catalog and launched The Diabolique Ball with friends from Delicious Corsets and the local fetish community. In 1998, she opened her first retail storefront at 704 S. 5th St. She changed the name of the business to PASSIONAL in 2004 an moved the adult products into a second store called Sexploratorium in 1997

An obsession by any other name is still as


Same great people.  Same mission.
Same awesome merchandise!
NEW name. NEW website. NEW attitude. NEW services.

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In 2007,  PASSIONAL birthed new retail space just down the street from the original store, and opened the Sexploratorium that fall.
The Sexploratorium store had three floors that included
one main floor of quality sexuality and fantasy products and the Aphrodite Gallery
(which was the home to our PASSION 101 workshop program)

In 2013 both of stores moved into one building at 317 South Street,
on separate floors with more space than in both buildings prior.

Every February 6 we celebrate the anniversary of the business which officially came into existence  in 1996